Cam girl from Surrey dressed as Ravenclaw answers questions about Harry Potter

Love girls who are a little bit more unique from the norm? Well, you are going to love Marie. She has a unique ‘hook’, which I am going to talk about in a short while.

Now, I have no idea if this is something that she does regularly. However, when I watched her shortly before I wrote this review, she was catering to a very unique kink. This kink? Well, for people who love Harry Potter. She is dressed up in a traditional English schoolgirls uniform and is answering questions about Harry Potter. Yes. Odd. But it seems to have managed to net her a significant number of viewers and people asking questions, so I suppose it works! Just for those who really want to know; she is a Ravenclaw.

After having a bit of a read through her profile, it looks like she does so much more than just Harry Potter. She also does a few characters from the Marvel Universe, DC Universe, she does Pokemon (Misty, of course), and some elves. Basically, she covers just about every kink her and she seems to be doing quite well from it so I can’t really complain!

If you want to indulge in sexy fantasy then this is the girl, she loves anything to do with cosplay and will happily be your slutty superhero or a wicked little witch. Just register for free or logon to your account to start a private show.

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So, what is she like? Well, she is absolutely gorgeous. There are several redheads on, but she is easily one of the best-looking one on the site. Her body is so…well, amazing is not a strong enough word for her. Pretty much all I can come up with right now as I seem to have lost my thesaurus.

Her personality is exceedingly bubbly. Anybody who regularly reads my reviews on this website will know that I tend not to be a massive fan of the ladies who are just boring. They are there to strip and that is it. At the moment, I have been looking at this lady for about twenty minutes. She has not removed a single item of clothing. However, she seems to be way more exciting than any of the other ladies on the site who do nothing more than masturbate. Yes. I know. Most of you are going to be heading to to watch ladies play with themselves, but it is still nice to have somebody with a bit of personality on occasion. It is surprisingly exciting.

There is a reason why this lady is one of the most popular ladies that you will see on She offers something unique. However, it is not so unique that people are not going to watch her. She plays some decent music too. I need to head out, but the combination of her sexiness, her personality, and the awesome music playing in the background is making it tough to do so. I know that I am going to return later and tip her quite a bit. In fact, I know that I am going to be watching her each and every week from here on out.

If you’re ready to enter her weird world then please  register for free or logon to your account to start your crazy live show.

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